A 3-part series to Press the reset button and kick off a year of healthier, smarter, and safer movement patterns

I received hundreds of messages last year with questions about how I personally practice and teach sun salutations from my background as a physical therapist. So, I am moving in to the new year by breaking down Sun salutations for you in the 3-part video series! The way I teach sun salutations will make a huge difference in how you feel and experience these traditional yoga sequences.

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Let’s start today with Sun Salutation 1. I teach this as part of my RESET at the beginning of every class. It utilizes some developmental principles such as the half-kneel/low lunge and also sets the tone for good movement patterns for the rest of class. It allows you to focus on engaging your glutes, keeping a neutral pelvis, and finding extension in your spine and side body before you introduce bigger movements. The way I cue Sun Sal 1 is also designed to set a pace for breathing and breath retention. Try it out. Message me on Instagram and let me know how you feel and if you have any questions. And don’t forget to share it with a friend! Check back tomorrow to learn about Sun Salutation A.


Time to build some heat! I include Sun Salutation A in every class. I have taught countless Sun Sal A’s and I’ve seen some . . .  interesting variations. I teach it with the primary goal of integration and strength. There are a few things that I cue or don’t cue that new students find surprising. First, I never cue to jump back to chaturanga – the bent-elbow pushup position. I want to make sure that the humeral head stays centered in the socket, so instead I say “jump back lightly and lower.” This movement gives more positional control which is critical! I see so many students inadvertently tip into the shoulder joint which can cause pain and isn’t sustainable long-term. From plank, I also never cue to “tip forward and lower to chaturanga” for the same reason. I often get a follow-up question, “Shouldn’t the elbows be bent to 90 degrees when lowering?!” My answer is NO! We want to prioritize healthy position of the shoulders so we can do Sun Salutation A really well for many decades. Message me on Instagram with your questions – and share with a friend! Come back tomorrow for Sun Salutation B – and Happy New Year!

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I approach Sun Salutation B with the same mindset as Sun Salutation A – I want integration and strength. It is so much better to stay in Cobra than do a sloppy Upward Facing Dog. It is also better to do a “too high” Chaturanga than a “too low” one. Don’t worry about going deep in Warrior 1 – watch what happens in the video to my pelvis if I bend my knee to 90 degrees; all the energy spills forward from the pelvis. Instead, keep the pelvis balanced and get an upward lift using your core muscles. Practice keeping weight load in your hands while stepping forward so eventually you can switch legs in a handstand before coming into Warrior 1. I’ve done thousands of Sun Salutations and I’m always thinking; do not go on auto pilot, do not space out, but instead FEEL the integration of smart movement. Keep sending me your questions! Always be curious. WHY do you do the poses the way you do them?

Note that you can enter the same email that you used previously. You won’t receive duplicate emails.