082 | Why Eccentrics are Important in Movement

Today’s podcast episode is all about effective movement strategies! Eccentric training allows you to go deeper into your muscle movement, and I am a fan of the results that it offers. Whatever your movement preference is, in today’s episode I will be providing different recommendations for adding in movement patterns and techniques that will encourage a better movement practice all around.

What is eccentric training?

Eccentric training is an effective movement practice that allows you to train your muscles to push past their normal range of failure. This type of training actually challenges the muscle in ways we normally don’t, which strengthens your body in a different way.

How to incorporate eccentric training into your movement practice:

  • In yoga, add in a pose with one legged stance, lowering one hand to the floor slowly, then coming back up
  • Lowering slowly from plank position
  • Adding weights
  • Lowering your calves slowly, then lifting slowly

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